Rehab Centre Nottingham - Prices

Nottingham Rehab Centre – Prices

Nottingham Rehab Centre – Prices. I believe there has never been a better time to get help for addiction to alcohol or drugs. And as for the prices, they have come down considerably. There are also more options than ever before. From fully residential rehab to an alcohol home detox program. If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Here is our fully residential rehab centre prices

We have Rehab Centres in these locations: Birmingham – Blackpool – Cardiff – Leicester – Liverpool – Luton – Northampton – Nottingham – Scotland – Watford. These are all fully residential rehab centres, where everything is included at an affordable price. 

  • Fully Residential Rehab and Detox  –  From £3,495 ( Other centres available from £1,900 for 7 nights – All inclusive )
  • Alcohol Home Detox – £1,295 

We have many more programs, to suit all budgets. Call our team for full details. We can ever help you with funding. Call us now for immediate help and advice. Addiction for you could be a thing of the past sooner than you had ever imagined. Do not delay. Call us now.

Alcohol Home Detox

Our alcohol home detox program is set at just one price of – £1,295. That price is the same where ever you are in the UK and however long it takes. This has now become very popular. You will find more in depth details for our alcohol home detox programs here.

How things have changed

It really was not that long ago when rehabilitation for addiction and detox programs where only for the rich and famous. Now it really is for everyone. We have been fighting for years to make addiction a thing of the past. And for the record, it never ceases to amaze me, with all the information about drugs and the harm which can be caused by alcohol, why people still start drugs, or drink to excess. Maybe that’s what makes the world go round. Anyway, if you are struggling within addiction to anything. Do talk to us. It is what we do, and we are rather good at it. Tel: 07811 606 606  (24 hours) for more details.

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