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Rehab Centre Nottingham - About us

Nottingham Rehab Centre – About us

Nottingham Rehab Centre – About us. Rehab Centre Nottingham was set up by Mark Rich in 2009 after he had been through an addiction himself from alcohol. This cost him his property business, his relationship, unable to see his children, and bankruptcy, just to name a few issues. He ended up doing 7 months on dialysis, before having a kidney transplant from his brother. This was all due to alcohol. 

After the kidney transplant, he was put on disability benefit, to give him time to heal. This is normally an 8 month process, but sitting around doing nothing was not what Mark wanted to do. So with an old laptop, and some packing boxes made into a desk, he began Rehab Centre Nottingham. It started with one website back in those days. (64 websites by 2024). 

Domain Names

Once Mark had made a few pounds, he decided to invest it back into the business by buying more domain names. This included cocaine.co.uk heroin.co.uk methadone.co.uk alcoholrehab.co.uk alcoholdetox.co.uk just to name a few. In fact he holds the biggest selection of drug and alcohol rehab domain names anywhere in the UK. 

After 5 years of building Rehab Centre Nottingham, Mark was able to buy Pierpoint Addiction Services which closed down after over 30 years of helping client with addictions, due to the government stopping their funding. This worked well for Mark buying Pierpoint, (albeit it was sad it closed down),  as it meant he could carry on helping these clients. 

Rehab Centre Nottingham since 2009 has been helping clients rebuild their lives by helping them with funding, pointing them in the right direction for free rehab centres. It also helps clients who are looking for affordable private rehab centres.

Since 2009 Mark has given up all alcohol successfully, and now lives in semi retirement in a little Hampshire village. But still helps people to this day. 

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if you would like any free help or advice to do with a drug or alcohol addiction, or you know someone who needs help, then we would be glad to help you. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) 

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